Green is more than just a word

The environment matters, to you and to us, so we work closely with our customers and suppliers to do our bit to help safeguard our world for today and for future generations.  

We do so by adopting a few simple policies:

We reduce our use of greenfield sites whenever we can

As far as possible we re-use building land for our new developments, to help protect open spaces which are already in short supply.

We build energy efficient homes

We maximise the use of modern building techniques and materials which can reduce heat-loss in homes and ensure maximum energy efficiency. It makes the new and refurbished properties eco-friendly and reduces the cost of home ownership.

We design developments in harmony with their local environment

We survey every new site intensively to ensure that we design around the environment’s natural features, ensuring that our development fits easily into its surroundings.

We use low-waste, sustainable, eco-friendly materials whenever we can

We get our timber from sustainable managed plantations, we favour the use of non-toxic materials, such as water-based paints, and we try to use materials such as aggregates from the closest possible source to reduce transport pollution.

We recycle our waste effectively

Some waste is inevitable on building sites, but we do our best to eliminate it. Where there is waste, we process it for recycling on site if possible, as well as returning redundant materials such as pallets and containers, and managing skips efficiently. We are also accredited for waste transfer, increasing still further our efficient site management.

City Gate Construction

We have highly skilled builders, machine operators, maintenance engineers, joiners, painters and metalworkers. This enables us to handle every kind of building work from large-scale refurbishment to purpose-designed joinery.